A lot of people understandably look for coupon codes before buying an EdenPURE, so we thought we'd save you some time by explaining the situation:

Authorized EdenPURE retailers CANNOT advertise for less than a set amount. This is known in any industry as a MAP, or Minimum Advertised Price. This means they can't give coupons to get a price below MAP or tell you to call for a lower price. The only thing  they can do is raise the price above MAP and then lower it with a coupon, which saves you nothing.

Our recommendation is to automatically get the most for your money with the EdenPURE GEN2. This is already priced as an entry-level model but gives you the power and features of much more expensive infrared heaters. Rated for 1000 square feet, it has a quiet mode, digital thermostat, timer, optional air purifier, and more. You can check out our more detailed description for more information.


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