If you're looking into lower-cost infrared heaters rated to heat up to 1000 square feet, you may have found the TrustedCOMFORT quartz infrared heater sold at Costco.

Not bad, but NOT RECOMMENDED. Why? Because we think you can spend less and get a better heater delivered to your home  with FREE delivery.

We talk a lot about the inherent problem with quartz infrared bulbs. They're rated for up to 20,000 hours of use, but often blow before then. PTC infrared heating elements, on the other hand, have an expected life of around 80,000 hours.

You can get an EdenPURE GEN2 delivered to your door for $197. It's rated to heat up to 1000 square feet too, but includes a bunch of additional features, such as:

  • PTC infrared heating elements.
  • Quiet mode. Runs at a lower wattage and keeps things quiet when it matters.
  • On/off timer. Warm up your bedroom before you wake up. Have it turn off after you fall asleep.
  • Electronic thermostat with digital display.
  • Optional air purifier.
  • A safety tip-over sensor.

Two nice things about the TrustedCOMFORT: it's made in the USA, and it has a 5-year warranty instead of 2 years like the GEN2. If these are more important to you than the other features, you can stick with the TrustedCOMFORT. Our opinion: with PTC heating elements, there's a good bet the GEN2 will last you. We'd rather have a heater that lasts than have a longer warranty that you have to use because of bulbs blowing!

You can buy the EdenPURE GEN2 here.



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